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    What does thirty three nuns do in their spare time? Find out in one of this year's most controversial novels of 2017. Even Amazon has recently pulled it from their site, considering it too objectionable. If you're searching for a novel that packs more than its share of punches compared to romance novels, you've found the "unholy grail" of erotica - Charming, sweet and seductive. It doesn't matter if you're gay/lesbian/bi/transgendered or straight, this book is all you need to enjoy in your spare time. The question is, can you handle it? It has a five star rating on Goodreads and Kobo


    I like to push the multicultural boundaries. This one and only erotic novel contains a wide range of women from all over the world including the U.S.A, Russia, Middle East, India, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, China and more. Find out if a woman from your country exists here deep within the walls of love. Purchase now from either





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    I want to thank everybody for their support and for making this a dream come true. To see my book come to light has been an experience I will never forget. It has been an uphill battle but worth the effort. Please click on the button, "Book teasers of the month" to view an excerpt from my book which I will be posting every month. You can also follow me on facebook and twitter.

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