Book teaser of the month

 Excerpt taken from, A Christmas Classlick - Temptresses in the Dark - Chapter One - "Tastes like Christmas to Me"

    Irene Feltwynne took a candy cane from the Christmas tree in the living room and stuck it into Candace’s snatch hole. Next, she rubbed her clit gently, licked it a couple of times then offered a snack to Travis who couldn’t resist a Christmas temptation himself.

     Irene then asked him, “What does Candy’s pussy taste like, honey?” Sometimes she used to say her that name when things got sweet and sassy.

     He answered with a grin. “It actually tastes like Christmas to me. Mmm, love the taste of sweet peppermint pussy.”

     “You know very well I was referring to you as my honey, not the honey we eat.”

     “I know, just playing with you babe.”

     “Don’tcha want to lick my pussy too?” said Candace to her man with a tease as her girlfriend pried her pussy wide open, enticing him to feed.

     “You betcha,” he replied.

     “Uh-uh! Not until I say so. I call the shots around here.” Irene loved the power she had over her man in the bedroom, and she demonstrated her tastes for the wild side. She dug her tongue deep into Miss Richardson’s pussy, thrusting hard at first then softly with quick lashings. Her tongue resembled a serpent’s which flickered to catch a taste of its surroundings—hot, pink flesh. “And that’s how we girls eat pussy. You better do a great job or else we will have to punish you, right Candy?”

     “Yes, Travis, you better please me the way Irene does or we will chastise your ass as punishment. Now, I offer my holes to you in trust that you will please me with pleasures unimaginable.”

     This was Travis’ first crack at eating out Candace’s cunt and he sure didn’t want to fuck this up. Although he did have some pussy eating experiences to boot, his royal craving was the ass.