The women of the convent

Our beloved Belinda, who is featured on the cover.

The convent's Alpha bitch & Abbess, Willow.

Clara, who makes a splash in the chapter, "Chocolate Thunder."

Lovely Kate, who was born with both sexes. In the chapter, "Liquid Bone Dance," she takes control of the situation.

Kensington & Taylor. When an Aussie chick and a British chick get together, the sex can get a little rough.

Morgan, an Aussie girl, makes her debut in the chapter, "Belinda Down Under."

Sexy Sukanya, who was born in India, makes a donation in the chapter, "Splash Muffins." Find out what her donation is.

Russian beauties, Marina & Veronika, show us how to get the job done in the chapter, "Move Over, the Russians are Coming."

Julie is just one of the trusted women of the convent. Her innocence resonates through Belinda, and I mean literally.

Jasmine was born in the Middle East. In the chapter, "Arabian Pink," she demonstrates her desire for lust.

Isabelle and Jaqueline are two french temptresses who make an impact in, "Back in the Straddle Again."

Courtney, a good cook who deserves a good time.

Brigitte, who is Scandinavian, has her chance of a lifetime in, "Cum See, Cum Saw/Orgy in the Court."

Daisy & America prove to be two girls with an attitude in, "A Taste of America."

Holly, another girl who loves to go swinging.

Ariana was born in Spain. Her sex appeal will drive you insane.

An Asian woman named Mei Sook Dong, is on a mission in, "A Passage to Bangcock."

Scarlett is a girl who loves to get down & dirty.

Jessica tends to get what she wants, no matter what's at stake.

A girl named Hayley, hails from Canada.

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